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1) I thought I’d start a comic blog again because lately I’ve been kinda GLRLBLRG
2) It might also be a good tool for therapy. ”There can never be too much therapy”

tammi_03_13) Status update 1/2016: AGE: 26 // PROFESSION: Artist // OCCUPATION: Game artist // CITY: Turku // RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Domestic partnership // PARTNER: Lovely Janne, whom 1) I can’t draw yet, and 2) whom I haven’t yet consulted about how much of our shared lives I can share.

1) My privacy settings are different from Janne’s. It’s because I’ve kept a comic blog before and shared some pretty personal information without feeling weird, and secondly I already told a couple panels back that I’d like to keep this blog therapeutic.
2) Well, even though I wouldn’t draw about our relationship, there are still a lot of things I can blog about.
tammi_03_23) I could talk about things like
GAMES. I work in games after all. (We use wireless controllers though, so picture is unrealistic)
FOOD. I like to cook and I do it a lot. Mostly because I need to bring lunch to work.
MENTAL HEALTH. I have recently developed symptoms of bipolar disorder and I don’ät know how to live with it yet. But I find it’s important to talk about it to fight the stigma of mental illness.

BEAUTY STUFF. I don’t really do much, but I like to talk about natural cosmetics and DIY beauty products.
tammi_03_31) FEMINISM. I’m the kind of feminist/anti-racist of which those who like to hate on feminism/anti-racism use derogatory terms. I just have to use them in a positive way to try to reclaim them.
2) The thing is, internet can be a scary place for women who have any kinds of opinions. I might actually not have the guts to blog about my feminism. For the sake of my safety.

1) LIFE IN GENERAL. Should anything interesting happen. ”Bwaa” 2) But oops. It’s oh-shit-o’clock.
3) In this comic I’ve drawn myself pretty normal, but in reality I’m like this:
MODE: ”Trying to fix my sleeping pattern by staying awake through the night”  /// Binging Doctor Who  /// Wearing an open Angry Birds hoodie and horrible sweat pants
tammi_03_44) I think I’ll just crawl next to my boo. I can run by some ideas about this blog while he’s half asleep.
SDALLA: ”…I could make a comic titled ’Top 10 best things about Janne’s butt'” JANNE: ”Yes very interesting. Good night” SDALLA: ”Good morning almost!”
Let’s see how this blog’ll work out <3

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  1. Hyvä! Ja rohkeesti vaan feministijuttui, jos alkaa pekään ja sensuroimaan itseään niin nettiöyhöttäjät on just saanu sen mitä hakee ja voittanu!


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